“Have you done your homework?” or what else a parent can do to build student academic independence?

academic ownership Tired of asking your child about homework? All parents want to support their child’s academics. But they also want to be able to walk away and watch their child manage school on their own. It’s a tricky thing to find that right balance between helicoptering and watching helplessly from the outside. The one risks becoming nagging and backfiring while the other risks missing help that a child really needs. So how to find that balance? Student Ownership This term is so often tossed around in education so as to lose meaning. So let’s spell out what we mean by “academic ownership”: awareness self-advocacy problem solving will power executive function Awareness means knowing what’s due tomorrow or next, it means knowing the current grades, and, most importantly, it means knowing what is expected of the student by teachers, textbooks and assignments. Self-advocacy means standing up for oneself. It starts with knowing what you need […]

Why get a tutor at the beginning of school? How academic coaching is more effective – and affordable

A+ Club academic support opens future opportunitie for students

Helping your child with math tutoring or chemistry tutoring at the beginning of the school year isn’t a bad idea. Anything a student can do to get ahead of class and really make sense of the teacher when school starts is great. However, there are several important reasons why parents should be wary of starting tutoring early in the school year: 1. Direct tutoring, even online tutoring, can be very expensive. 2. Direct tutoring can backfire on a parent because once school starts some students come to rely on their tutors and don’t learn to act independently. 3. Academic success is a process, not an outcome. 4. Successful students overcome barriers and empower themselves to problem solve, negotiate with teachers and succeed on their own. Certainly it’s better to do something than nothing, and you don’t want to be one of those panicked parents who call us for help in February. We’d rather help your child […]

5 Signs That Your Child Would Benefit From An Academic Coach

1. He struggles with procrastination. Many people (not just children!) struggle with procrastination at some point in their lives, but chronic procrastination is a sign of an underlying issue. Avoiding homework signals your child’s belief that the work will be difficult and thus unpleasant, so he chooses short-term satisfaction and diversions over long-term rewards. An academic coach can help your child recognize their patterns of procrastination and then combat them by going to the root of the problem: mastering the tough materials that create barriers. 2. He is disorganized. Organization is a vital for academic success. Poor organization can mean homework gets lost and he doesn’t study for tests because he didn’t remember he had one. An academic coach helps him learn how to keep track of their papers and assignments, so nothing gets overlooked. 3. He doesn’t test well. Poor performance on tests can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s just because he didn’t study, […]

Disappointed with your child’s school performance & grades?

What next? Try a free academic consultation from the A+ Club Final grades not what you expected? When we meet parents who are concerned about their child’s grades, we hear all kinds of reasons and excuses, such as “doesn’t test well,” “not good in math,” “disorganized,” “has ADD,” “is a procrastinator,” and, even, “lazy.” Parents are stuck in frustration, wondering what’s going on – and how to possibly fix it. The concern over student academic performance could be low or failing grades, a disappointing C or D, or that the student fell from straight As because of one tough class. Whatever the outcome, we can help parents get past the frustrations and focus on solutions that address what, really, is going on. It’s not the grade that matters, it’s what went into it that counts. Without the distraction and pressures of schoolwork, the beginning of summer is the perfect time to reflect, problem solve, and think about […]

Academic improvement is not easy!

Finally, all-round academic help for parents of teens! If a middle or high school student has a low grade in one or more classes, what can a parent do? You can’t just say, “do your work!” — kids often respond to that with anger and excuses. Plus, your parenting time is precious and you’ve got enough to do with work, extracurricular activities and other children. One option is tutoring: if a student is struggling in a class, you can hire a tutor, say for math or chemistry, who can show your child how to get the work done. But think about it: isn’t your child supposed to be learning from the teacher? Direct math tutoring, for example, can help a student start to make sense of what’s going on in class. We love it when that happens! But we worry that the same habits may lead to the same outcomes — and then the parent […]

The Parent Tool Box: the A+ Club has all the tools for your child’s academic success

At the A+ Club, we understand that being the parent of a teen can be difficult. Struggles with procrastination and homework are all too common. Tutoring can help your child play catch up with schoolwork, but tutoring alone doesn’t solve the real problem. At the A+ Club, we help students fight procrastination and build time management and study skills. Students are assigned an academic coach and mentor who helps them monitor and manage their schoolwork. We believe in a holistic skills based approach to student success, rather than a rote, content-based tutoring approach. We help students become successful, and we help parents too: with the A+ Club, parents have peace of mind knowing that their student’s academic work is being monitored and regularly assisted by professional educators. So say goodbye to traditional tutoring and discover the A+ Club advantage. Click here to learn more or here to request a no-obligations Free Academic Consultation.

Piecing Together Academic Success: Study skills are essential for student improvement

When tutoring isn't enough: academic coaching for all-round improvement Many parents of teens who are underperforming in school look to find a tutor for homework help or figuring out math and other subjects. While a tutor can help organize a class or learn certain information and skills, at the A+ Club we don’t rely on tutoring alone. In addition to online tutoring, we use academic coaches and mentors who help students who want better grades and overall academic improvement by addressing their fundamental academic skills and concerns. Our academic coaches and mentors are experienced teachers who help students identify what it really takes for academic success. These include: 1. how to identify teacher expectations 2. how take full advantage of resources such as textbooks, study guides, and essay or homework assignment rubrics, and 3. how to develop effective organizational and time management skills. Lasting student improvement comes from our all-round approach, not just from hourly tutoring […]

The A+ Club Advantage: academic coaching, tutoring & mentoring

Here's how it works: < p style=\”text-align: center;\”>For a full page version of this chart, see The A+ Club Advantage Copyright School4Schools.com LLC, 2016 The A+ Club brings a holistic approach to student support We build the skills needed for academic success, including: goal setting executive function time management study skills All this while still offering direct online tutoring in all subjects, including math tutoring, science tutoring, reading & writing tutoring and essay review. That’s Academic Support done right: the A+ Club Advantage! Study Skills, Time Management & Executive Function Tutoring is great, but we want our students to learn how to learn on their own. That is why our experienced classroom instructors, whom we call “Student Supporters” engage our students in fundamental skills development such as goal setting, time and calendar management and other executive function skills. All of our student interactions are shared with parents so that our parents can follow student progress […]

Tutoring as a trap? We want kids NOT to need tutoring!

Is tutoring as a business or a service? At the A+ Club, direct tutoring is not about generating steady revenue. We put student needs above our own, which means we want kids to not need us anymore! That means we’ve done our job and they’ve gotten the help they need. For most tutoring services, their revenue depends adding more and more student tutoring hours. Our business model works differently, so we don’t depend on that revenue. In fact, that’s why we can charge an incredibly low $135 per month for all the services we provide: Daily assignment updates reported to students and parents Weekly grades and missing work lists reported to students and parents Weekly reflection calls with experienced educators for goal setting and problem solving. On-demand tutoring in all subjects (especially math tutoring!) On-demand essay review for grammatical correction and content improvement. You see, tutoring is just a part of what we do, so we […]