5 Signs That Your Child Would Benefit From An Academic Coach

1. He struggles with procrastination.

Many people (not just children!) struggle with procrastination at some point in their lives, but chronic procrastination is a sign of an underlying issue. Avoiding homework signals your child’s belief that the work will be difficult and thus unpleasant, so he chooses short-term satisfaction and diversions over long-term rewards.

An academic coach can help your child recognize their patterns of procrastination and then combat them by going to the root of the problem: mastering the tough materials that create barriers.

2. He is disorganized.

Organization is a vital for academic success. Poor organization can mean homework gets lost and he doesn’t study for tests because he didn’t remember he had one.

An academic coach helps him learn how to keep track of their papers and assignments, so nothing gets overlooked.

3. He doesn’t test well.

Poor performance on tests can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it's just because he didn't study, or didn't get a good night's sleep. But does your child do all his homework successfully and still not perform well on tests? If so, he may be successfully memorizing the material he's being taught but not truly processing it.

An academic coach can take him through the process of integrating and applying concepts.

4. School is getting in the way of your relationship.

Things used to be different, but lately it feels like every time the two of you talk it’s to fight about his grades or the fact that he hasn’t done his homework.

With an academic coach to guide and monitor your child’s school performance, you no longer have to be seen as the nagging parent.

5.He lacks academic self-esteem.

How would your child rate himself as a student? Would he call himself a “bad student”, or “dumb”, or “lazy”? Students with a poor self-image are going to be less motivated to attempt to do well on assignments, study. or go the extra mile to be successful. He already sees himself as incapable, so why bother trying?

An academic coach can combat this mentality by guiding your child on the path to a growth mindset. Realizing that abilities aren’t fixed, but can be learned, and then learning how to develop them is a powerful tool in fostering confidence.


Having an academic coach gives your child the structure and guidance he needs to overcome his difficulties at school. At the A+ Club, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of students dealing with these very same problems.

If your child displays any of these signs you should consider the benefits of academic coaching. 

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