A+ Club Coaching, Mentoring & Tutoring Academic Support Program

The A+ Club from School4Schools.com LLCAffordable, effective, overall academic support

The A+ Club Academic Program
helps students meet their potential in all their classes.

Getting beyond tutoring for overall academic and student success

We build on-demand tutoring into our monthly academic program.
If your student needs intensive help in math, science, essay writing or skills development, see our hourly subject and test prep tutoring program that helps students in all subjects.

Our tutors are expert, caring and effective.


Sometimes School can be overwhelming...

A+ Club Academic Support Program

  • The A+ Club is a unique and powerful student support service that builds academic ownership and independence.
  • We help students set goals, track work... and get it done.
  • We build student success through a process of articulation and reminders of academic responsibilities.
  • We believe that all students want success.
  • Our monthly service is affordable and effective.

Sometimes school can be overwhelming for everybody..

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Articulation and Accountability:

  • When students say it — “articulate it” — they do it.
  • When students stop to reflect, they perform better.
  • When students engage in academic goal setting, grades go up.
  • When students reach out for help, they are self-advocating.

Our job at the A+ Club is to build student awareness and accountability!

Content Support

Homework, Studying, and Skills tutoring:

  • On demand tutoring in all subjects, including math & science.
  • Our tutors are caring, experienced, and love helping kids.
  • We match tutor expertise to student needs.
  • On demand tutoring in all subjects & essay review.

Sometimes just a little help is all it takes: A+ Club on-demand tutoring & essay help!

... A+ Club "Student Supporters" can really help!

Brenda & Her Mom

Executive Function

Assignments and Grades Updates:

  • We send to students & parents daily assignment updates as posted on teacher & school pages.
  • We send to students & parents weekly grades & missing work lists.
  • We encourage teacher feedback for real-time correction & betterment.
  • All activities are logged on a task management system for continuity & review.

We scaffold executive function for time and calendar management and prioritization -- not procrastination!

The Process

Reflection, goal setting & problem solving:

  • A+ Club students engage in a weekly reflection discussions with professional educators, called "Student Supporters."
  • Student Supporters identify student needs and challenges and help them to develop practical solutions.
  • Students set weekly goals which we log for follow up and reminder.
  • We regularly check with students on progress and identify any help they need.

We scaffold the skills and strategies that lead to academic success!

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