Parents of teens: tired of arguing over homework & grades?

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Homework & grades trouble

aaaaahWhen the discussions over homework and grades become two-way traffic on a one-way street, the one complaining and badgering, the other deferring and dodging, it's no longer a functional, working relationship.

You know the routine:

Parent: "Do you have any homework?"
Child :  "Nope."

Parent: "Really? Nothing?"
Child :   "Already did it."

... or

"my teacher extended the deadline" or "I already handed my homework in, the teacher just hasn't graded it yet..."

=  all excuses and no ownership of homework and grades.

Finally, help for parents

Brenda & Her Mom HappyWe work with middle, high school & college students to engage them in a process of  reminder and reflection about homework, grades and priorities -- so that parents aren't stuck constantly chasing down the homework and grades after it's too late.

We enable our students to focus on their own goals and their own work and not on making excuses and getting angry at their parents for asking about it.

We call it "articulation" and "accountability" -- students say it, track it, and get it done. Along the way to student ownership -- and fewer arguments -- we provide our students and parents with the additional tools:

  • Daily assignment updates: we review teacher pages and report out what we find to students and parents
  • Weekly reflection discussion to enable students to self-assess honestly and positively, and discuss solutions and strategies with an experienced, professional educator.
  • On-demand tutoring from our college-student tutors & essay review

We don't replace parents -- instead, we are a powerful tool for oversight, encouragement, and building independent student ownership.

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