What is the A+ Club?

A+ Club academic support opens future opportunitie for students

Our system helps kids set goals, track work... and get it done!

The A+ Club builds student success through articulation and ownership of academic responsibilities, with professional, positive, third-party support.

We raise student awareness of goals and responsibilities, provide them tools to track and fulfill their assignments, and help them build ownership of their workflow and outcomes.

In other words...

We are a student support service -- which means exactly that. What students and families need we support, be it tracking homework and deadlines, prioritizing, getting through a particular class or project, or just making life as a student easier

We provide working tools:

•Daily assignment updates for students and parents:

  • Weekly grades and missing work lists for students and parents
  • Experienced educators for weekly reflection and goal setting conversations
  • On-demand tutoring to help out with homework and skills
  • Procrastination intervention: helping students overcome the downward cycle of deferral, delay and cramming.

Above all, we provide a process for students to build confidence, control and their own academic success.

The A+ Club provides real academic coaching at a fraction of the cost of hourly "coaches" as well as to provide students with working tools and solutions for academic independence and not just for general advice. Think of us instead as a set of tools to get done what you already know you need to do.

Thanks for joining us. Please let us know any questions or thoughts! Call (888) 59-APLUS (592-7587) or (703) 271-5334

The A+ Club: effective and affordable.

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