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A+ Club nurtures academic success!We are about helping students and parents navigate middle, high school & college.


The A+ Club has helped over 300 students and their families in 20 states. See our Testimonials for what our clients have to say about their experiences with the A+ Club.

Our parents enjoy:

  • constant awareness of student academic standing

  • feedback on our interactions with students

  • professional, third-party help to assist parental oversight & build student independence

Our students build:

  • academic awareness, organization & executive function

  • academic ownership & confidence

  • goal setting, self-advocacy & overall academic improvement & better grades

Our Missions

The A+ Club™ is an innovative Ed-Tech student support solution that leverages web-based technology to build and enhance student executive function and parent oversight.

FeedbackPro™ is an innovative Ed-Tech add-on solution for existing school Learning Management Systems for effective, real-time reporting to students and parents of teacher assignments, grades, and feedback and  for administrative oversight of teacher reporting activity.

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Founded by real teachers who are committed to students, families, and teachers. Click here to learn about OUR STORY or our founder and president, Michael Bromley.

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