We are Green

Yep, we\'re green.

Unlike our in-home tutoring or store-based competitors, we don\'t move people around and occupy retail space, parking lots, and roads. Also, we use very little paper in our day-to-day operations (we do print brochures).

We\'re not going to pay money to \"Certified Green\" scams that are out there nor do we qualify for EPA \"green\" certification because we don\'t manufacture or use environmentally sensitive materials or goods.

We just put a small drain on the electric grid for our home computers, web connections, and phones, and that\'s it.

Does it matter?

We've got nothing against people who want  in-person tutoring at home, a library or school. It's just not what we do.

No cars or buses to connect us with our clients. Instead, we are all digital: we work with our clients from their homes right from our homes. You'll be amazed how effective it can be for helping students and how convenient and time-saving online and telephone interactions can be.

If "green" is a concern of yours, we thought to point out that as a home-based operation, we are, thereby, an environment low-impact business.

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