Teacher Support

We believe in teachers!

All the demands, and so little time. What would make a teacher’s life easier?

While the A+ Club is dedicated to student success, we at School4Schools.com LLC want to help teachers, as well.  Our teacher support program is aimed at “making life easier for teachers.”

Think about it: what could make your life easier as a teacher?

Dream with us:

  • Automated and organized assignments, grades, and feedback
    • automatically sent  to students and parents via email, text, or telephone
    • automatically logged for reference and sharing
  • Subject-specific student handbooks designed for and by individual teachers
  • Meaningful, content-specific professional development and professional exchange
  • Content-area background information & resources for efficient lesson planning and content expertise, including
    • content resources via teacher-built wiki
    • resources collation from across web sources for easy access and searchable within previously selected items.
  • Efficient computer management, including:
    • effective digital organization and cloud-based storage
    • syncing computers (no more flashdrives!)
    • finding files quickly and effective file management
    • shortcuts and other computer tricks
    • certified MS Office training, including Outlook, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel & Access
  • Class website with automated assessment and student-driven learning in an online community
  • Classroom handbooks dedicated to and built for your own classes
  • Database-driven daily lesson planning that reports out to classroom-ready format (Powerpoint, handouts, etc.)
  • Automated grading (or, shall we dream, outsource your grading!)
  • Automated handouts formatting
  • Scanning tools & strategies for going electronic rather than constantly messing with loose papers
  • Quick and easy student and parent communication tools & strategies, including:
    • Web-based student & parent contact forms that integrate with your Outlook contacts list
    • SMS texting from your desktop (via anonymous telephone number)
    • Voice-to-text voicemail for easy storage, tracking, and management of student & parent voicemails.
  • Outlook training for effective communication
    • Email organization & tracking tools


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