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Academic Program

The A+ Club is definitely worth spreading the word! It\'s an amazing program.

- parent of high school sophomore

Big day today. Thanks for your great support! Much appreciated.

  • high school senior on graduation day, June 2018

[My 8th grader] once again loves learning and is confident. My heart sings.
- a proud grandmother

Bless you!
- mother of a 12th grader who was accepted to choice college

Thank you for everything!! I don\'t know where we would be without you.
 - parent of college freshman

Thanks for being such a positive presence in his life.
 - parent of 6th grader

It was so distressing not to know what to do, but I feel like I have a plan now.
 - high school junior

You have no idea what a relief it is for us to have you working with [our son].  Thank you!
- parent of 11th grader

She feels confident when she talks to you. You\'re a teacher and you know what other teachers do and you can help her explain it.
- parent of 11th grader

- parent of high school graduating senior

My grades have never been better!. You and [my tutor] .... helped me soooo much this year!
- high school sophomore

[My daughter\"] really enjoys talking to [her teacher]. We follow the notes, but she comes down smiling from her room after her calls. Those seem to help center her.
- parent of high school freshman

She has requested to be removed from the [program].  You guys are a victim of your own success! ... Tks for all your help - it\'s been significant for our family.
- parent of high school sophomore

We are happy with your service and the guidance / help she gets for her school work. Could not have found a better person than you 😊 She feels a lot more confident in Chem now. Plus her history and lit help you provide is also great.
- parent of high school sophomore

Thanks for generosity and dedication.
- grandparent of high school senior on A+ Club needs-based scholarship discount

We couldn\'t have done it without you. I can look at the grades and see exactly before and after he started working with you.
  - parent of graduating high school senior

... takes stress off our relationship w/ him, we can enjoy our relationship now!
    - parent of college student

Thank you ALL for the time, encouragement and support you gave to [my daughter]. I appreciate everything you have done on her behalf.
- parent of middle school student

\"I appreciate everything you\'ve done.\"
- 10th grader, \"graduate\" of the A+ Club (no longer needs us, yeah!)

Thanks!! We also enjoy and specially my kids also enjoy to work with the teachers and with you ( as you jump in and support them whenever they need help). Thanks again for all your support.
- Father of 7th & 11th graders

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Academic Tutoring

Thumbs up for the A+ Club!You guys are reaaally good 

- college student essay writing support

I cannot thank  you enough for setting up the quick session on Tuesday ... I am sorry about the short notice, but the tutor was excellent . [My daughter] simple loved her. You have a good team here.
- Parent of high school sophomore

Thanks so much for all your work and support with him. I so much enjoy listening to you two banter back and forth on Mon and Thur
- Parent of middle school who was just accepted to competitive high school

I really loved how you made [my son] think on his own ideas and put them together. We are so glad to find you. There is no way we could have done it without you
- Parent of high school junior who was applying to a competitive STEM program

Thank you for working with [our son]! You are making a big difference for him. 
- Parents of high school sophomore w/ ADHD

I learned so much from [my tutor] in the short time that he was my tutor, and my grades were the best they had been all year. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to work with him.
   - high school senior

I got a 95 on my first test!
- college freshman (Organic Chemistry)

Knew how to reach my son. Helped him increase his SAT score by more than 100 points in just a few short sessions. Great program! My son got into his first choice school! Thank you for everything!
  - parent of high school senior

I will certainly refer to other parents your services!
    - parent of high school senior

Thank you so much for helping out [my daughter]. The tutoring has been excellent... definitely worked out very well. [She] reports that she has met her goals for the tutoring and now feels very confident.
- parent of high school junior, Algebra 2/ Chemistry tutoring

My main man Michael! I actually enjoyed your program. I didn't really want to do tutoring at first, but I found working with you and Camille really helpful and fun. You guys both taught me a lot of new ways to approach different problems I might encounter, and I could seriously hear your voices in my head while taking the test.
- high school senior, SAT Prep student

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