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Breaking the Technology Barrier

Breaking the Technology Barrier: Using Technology in Education

Guest blog post by Harvey Hammond of

The rapid advance of technology has helped the education sector immensely. Education sector has started widely using the technological help by which students are getting exposed to various technological techniques. In the present day educational setting mobile phones, laptops and iPhones are fast occupying the place of textbooks and libraries. Education sector has witnessed a significant change with the entry of technology in to it. Technological advances are largely used in education for which teachers have had to update their soft skills in order to be able to handle the tech-savvy situation in classrooms. Continue reading

“Roam schooling” & online tutoring: learning without barriers?

globe_learningIs online tutoring & digital learning really going to work?

Fluff or substance? Revolution or fad? Where is online tutoring and digital learning going to take us?

When I was in K-12 school in the 1970s, mostly, education was being turned over. The students had no idea, as it was just happening to us. But what is education today was largely defined by the research, theories, experiments, and, mostly, fads of that period. Continue reading