Dr. Procrastination: Tim Pychyl featured on Ottawa TV

Great interview on CTV Ottawa news! In this interview Dr. P talks about the destructive and limiting effects of procrastination on lifestyle choices. When procrastination controls you, you are not in control of the things you want to do and be. Dr. Pychyl shows viewers the priorities and responsibilities for his own life, as he discusses the truly “existential” damage of procrastination and the limits it puts on the lives of sufferers.

It’s a lovely window into a happy and full life of a person who is in control of his responsibilities and choices. Rather than letting deadlines and past due events guide and limit him, Dr. Pychyl lets the important things in his life take precedence: his family, his sled dogs, his horses, and enjoying himself.

I love this interview: no preaching, just a visit with someone who has helped so many others — because he has first helped himself.

Neat stuff. I hope you’re inspired by it, too.

– Michael

For more from Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl, see the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University.