How to Approach the SAT test Reading Section: Modeling approaches & strategies on practice test 1

Michael models SAT Reading section techniques and strategies on a passage from the College Board SAT Practice Test 1

Michael works through the fourth passage of Practice Test 1 (questions 32-41) with a live demonstration of actually taking that test/ passage:

Notes: & Big Ideas

Reading Test 1:
4th passage, questions 32-40

  • “Hard read” the intro & apply your Prior Knowledge
  • Find historical context!
    Think BIG WARS, here between WWI (1914-18) & WWII (1939-45)
  • Skim text esp. topic sentences for key words, tone/ technique, definitions, proper nouns, etc.
  • ALWAYS Hard Read last paragraph/ final sentences
  • Hard Read the QUESTIONS (not the answers) for INFORMATION
  • First paragraphs, esp. w/ academic passages is usually BACKGROUND INFO (you won’t find the thesis!)
  • Read the text KEEPING YOUR
    … and answer them AS YOU GO!
  • Eliminate for ERRORS!
    The correct answer is the ONLY one that does NOT have an error.
    – Evidence MUST match a possible answer!
    – Keep your thumb on the questions & ELIMINATE evidence one at a time!
  • With two-part answers you only need to eliminate ONE part of the possible answer in order to eliminate that answer!
  • “Characterizes” or “indicates” = not stating the info but saying something about it
  • Pay close attention to the final sentences!
  • Summary questions: you will know more about the passage AFTER answer all the other questions. Do it last, or go back to re-check it when you’re done w/ the other questions.
  • Keep questions in your head and thumb on the questions
    … and answer them as you go along!

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Hope this helps!

– Michael