How to approach the SAT test Writing Section: modeling approaches & strategies on practice test 10

Michael reviews general SAT Writing section approaches and strategies and punctuation and grammar rules, then models them on a passage from the College Board SAT Practice Test 10

Michael works through the 1st two passages of Practice Test 10 (questions 1-11. 12-22) with a live demonstration of actually taking that test on each passage:

Notes: & Big Ideas

  • Identify the rule that is being assessed
    • is it usage, grammar, punctuation?
    • is it matching verb tense, or singular v. plural?
    • is it usage, redundancies or logic?
  • Michael reviews some punctuation rules:
    • independent clauses (IC)
    • dependent clauses (DC)
    • identifying subject-verb-object
    • requisite clauses
    • subordinating conjunctions (rendering an IC into a DC)
    • commas
    • periods
    • semicolons
    • colons
    • dashes
  • Pay attention to TITLES!

More to come.  Hope this helps!

– Michael