How to Turn a Bad Report Card Into a Learning Experience

arguing-over-homework_titlepageReport cards are a contentious subject in any household,

but a bad report card is something that parents (and kids) need to handle with tact and grace, as hard as that may sometimes be.

Avoid the common missteps like immediately yelling at or punishing your child for a bad report card. Instead, come up with a productive reaction which will have the best long term outcome. The A+ Club from LLC is a comprehensive online tutoring service that takes a holistic approach to test preparation, remedial tutoring, and process oriented educational engagement.


inform yourself on the best parenting practices for bad report cards, then find out how The A+ Club can help.

  • Take a moment to plan your next steps. He or she deserves the time it will take you to emotionally process and systematically consider a rational reaction.
  • Don’t do anything that will close or hinder the line of communication between you and your son or daughter. Arguably the most important part of parenting is open communication, particularly in the difficult moments. Ask your child what they thinks happened, whether or not they expected these grades, and what they struggled with most. It is helpful to have them write it down, both for your knowledge and their benefit. It’s just like the old “Take a time out and think about what you’ve done.” that worked for life’s earliest lessons.
  • Stay involved by speaking to their teachers, too. It always helps to know their perspective, and it means a lot to teachers when a parent takes responsibility for the success and happiness of their kid.
  • Take a look at what your child thinks went wrong and work together to make a list of what can be done differently in the future. Keep it manageable, but specific! “Do better in math” isn’t going to cut it, but something like “Write down assignments carefully every single day” is an important step in the right direction. This type of forward progress is exactly what sets The A+ Club apart from conventional tutoring.

The A+ Club from LLC encourages and teaches kids to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their own education. Intelligent kids with bad grades often lack the executive function skills which may come naturally to their peers. The A+ Club’s online HomeworkTracker is a part of their holistic approach to tutoring. The list and calendar based online system is directly overseen by teachers, School4Schools, and parents. With the right reaction, a bad report card can be a learning experience for everyone. With HomeworkTracker, professional, convenient tutoring, and parental initiative, kids can learn to build the processes which lead to success. Call (703) 271-5334 for more information.