Kids Learn to Advocate & Achieve With A+ Club Online Tutoring Services

Rear view of class raising handsDespite developments in cognitive psychology and education reform,

most students are still educated in a system that has remained largely unchanged over the last decade. That’s not to say the system doesn’t work; many kids find success and joy in traditional learning, but countless other intelligent students find it difficult to succeed. Most kids don’t hate learning, but many dislike school. They can’t fathom why they feel intelligent and capable yet continually fail to come up with the grades to reflect that.

Young students struggling with traditional schooling should be taught to set goals and engage with the system in a way that works for them. That’s where LLC & The A+ Club comes in. The online tutoring service differs from traditional education and tutoring. This service doesn’t compartmentalize learning and focus exclusively on problem areas, but rather the experienced educators teach self-advocacy, processes, awareness, and accountability for those with whom executive function does not come naturally.


The A+ Club is run by experienced educators, college students, and teachers. They help young learners realign their perception of teachers and the system so that they can use the inalterable process to their benefit. While not everyone in The A+ Club will achieve academic success, they are guaranteed to increase academic awareness through informational interchange, goal setting, honesty, feedback, and a comprehensive reflective process. The online Homework Tracker™ is a list and calendar based system with direct oversight from The A+ Club, designed for students who lack natural executive function skills. Kids and teachers can upload assignments, track progress, set goals, and stay in touch with in-school teachers.

The perspective of The A+ Club’s tutors is different than that of a parent or in-school teacher; kids will have honest conversations during weekly 30 minute check-ins. The A+ Club will help kids to appreciate the fact that they are required to do things they don’t want to do or that they feel don’t have any relevance. Young students need to understand that they can’t change that, but they can alter their perspective and learn to see teachers as a tool to help them get the grades needed to achieve their goals. This is the self-advocacy characteristic of LLC & The A+ Club.

Let The A+ Club teach your kids to say it, track it, and get it done. Call (703) 271-5334 to set up convenient, flexible, and unique online tutoring, which will help your student find their success.MP900438620[1]