College bound: desktop, laptop or tablet? PC or Mac?

Another broken or stolen laptop? Are you sure about that? Are you going to be that one who calls home begging for another computer because your laptop was stolen or it dropped out of your backpack. Mom may lose patience with that one after having forked over $2k for the MacBook Air. Besides, do you … Continue reading College bound: desktop, laptop or tablet? PC or Mac?

What about the students?

A Furor but in whose interest? A blog of mine provoked a bit of a furor two summers ago when I sat in as guest-blogger Rick Hess’ “Straight Up” blog on Education Week: Teacher Pay (Aug 3, 2011) Huffington Post ran with this title:  Michael Bromley, Washington, D.C. Teacher: Teachers Are Overpaid and on the two or three … Continue reading What about the students?

Student Success Podcast

Join our weekly Student Success Podcast The Student Success Podcast discusses students, parenting, education, and strategies for academic success. Our weekly broadcast features 20 minute interviews with students, teachers, administrators, experts, community and business leaders, and anyone who is concerned about education and how to help kids do better in school. We aim for useful, … Continue reading Student Success Podcast

The Learning Process

Or, where do grades come from? Have you ever considered what, exactly, do grades measure? They measure something, but can they really measure everything? And of what they do measure, is it fair, is it meaningful, and does it represent what we really want students to achieve? At the A+ Club we work with students … Continue reading The Learning Process

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