Cheating, Plagiarizing & Learning

Cheating at Harvard? Say it ain’t so! Uhm… just ask the IRS about cheaters… never mind, let’s not go there. But cheating in school? Half the incoming Harvard freshmen admitted to cheating, and last year the school expelled 70 students for academic dishonesty.  Many of those students claim that they “collaborated” in preparation for an … Continue reading Cheating, Plagiarizing & Learning

Parents, helicopters & angry kids: how to successfully manage a teen’s academic struggles

So what is a parent supposed to do? You get in their face too much, and it’s “Back off!” You back off, and they do everything but what you want ’em to do. There’s no better way to go crazy than to be a parent. I know, I’ve gone crazy twice. Well, make that three times, since … Continue reading Parents, helicopters & angry kids: how to successfully manage a teen’s academic struggles

Prior Knowlege (PK), relevancy & teacher expectations

“Why’s that teacher do that?” Ever had a teacher that makes no sense? Ever not understood why the grade was what it was? Ever wanted to just given up on it? As a teacher, every day I wrote up my lesson plans starting with two reminders: 1)  Never Assume Prior Knowledge (PK)! 2) Learning = Relevancy! … Continue reading Prior Knowlege (PK), relevancy & teacher expectations

Sitting in on the “Straight Talk” blog

Rick Hess kindly invited me back to step in during his vacation last week to rant and rave about education on his national blog at Education Week.Two years ago I got in trouble with some of Rick’s readers for suggesting that some teachers are overpaid. A shocking idea that, it seems, but my point was … Continue reading Sitting in on the “Straight Talk” blog

SAT Time!

Is it really possible to improve your SAT or ACT scores? If you’re like me and you spent good money on SAT prep classes for your child and you came away unsure about whether or not it was a good thing, know this: any preparation and practice for the SAT or ACT tests is a good … Continue reading SAT Time!

College bound: desktop, laptop or tablet? PC or Mac?

Another broken or stolen laptop? Are you sure about that? Are you going to be that one who calls home begging for another computer because your laptop was stolen or it dropped out of your backpack. Mom may lose patience with that one after having forked over $2k for the MacBook Air. Besides, do you … Continue reading College bound: desktop, laptop or tablet? PC or Mac?

What about the students?

A Furor but in whose interest? A blog of mine provoked a bit of a furor two summers ago when I sat in as guest-blogger Rick Hess’ “Straight Up” blog on Education Week: Teacher Pay (Aug 3, 2011) Huffington Post ran with this title:  Michael Bromley, Washington, D.C. Teacher: Teachers Are Overpaid and on the two or three … Continue reading What about the students?

Student Success Podcast

Join our weekly Student Success Podcast The Student Success Podcast discusses students, parenting, education, and strategies for academic success. Our weekly broadcast features 20 minute interviews with students, teachers, administrators, experts, community and business leaders, and anyone who is concerned about education and how to help kids do better in school. We aim for useful, … Continue reading Student Success Podcast

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