Parents, you rock!

Parents, thank you for your business, but most of all thank you for allowing us to help out.

Every month as I process payments from parents for A+ Club monthly student support service, I write:

Please find the attached invoice for A+ Club student support. We thank you the opportunity to contribute to your child’s academic success!

We mean it: we are so thankful for the opportunity to help out, to be a part of your children’s lives to help them academically, to support their dreams and your ambitions for them, and to help ease the pains of adolescent parenthood.

Paying for a difference

You pay us for our privilege to work with your children. We are not some government-funded mentoring program. We are not attached to your school or Department of Education. We work as a private business with one goal in mind: “student success.”

In exchange for your money, we take on the contractual obligation to serve you and your children to the best of our abilities and as our system allows.

We conduct our for-profit business without apologies, knowing that if we don’t deliver quality, working solutions and service, we will lose your business. I am so proud to say that over 94% of our clients stay with us month to month. We hate to lose clients, but sometimes the child doesn’t respond or the fees become a burden. We get that.

But that 94% number means we’re doing things right.

So let’s call it an investment instead

Yes, it’s a fee — but it’s an investment, which is why you reach into your family purse to pay us every month. Unlike your phone bill or the new shoes your children constantly need, the money is going into your child’s future, not a sinkhole.

Oh — and our monthly support service costs far less than most family cell phone accounts, anyway.

From all of us,  we thank you.

That means thanks from Megan who manages assignment updates, reviews essays, and otherwise makes everything work. That meanas thanks from our teachers. And thanks from our college student tutors. And thanks from our corporate ownership.

Our teachers and college student tutors love working with your children — believe me, they don’t do it for the pay. (We pay them as much as we can while remaining affordable for you.) They work with your children because it inspires them, and they love helping out.

Thank you, parents, for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to your child’s academic success.

– Michael