Procrastination destroys

Help us fight this disease.

Procrastination destroys grades, it destroys relationships, it destroys futures.

It may not seem like such a big deal. Just make another promise to yourself to get better grades next time, study more, and move on. Besides, cramming it in and busting it out at the last minute always works for me!

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As procrastination expert, Dr. Timothy Pychyl says,

If you work best under pressure, you only work under pressure.

And if you’re working only under pressure, you’re not getting the job done as well as you could. And that leads to lower grades, lost opportunity, and a constant state of anxiety over deadlines and missed work.

And possibly worse. Procrastination is highly associated with various adverse emotional and physical conditions. Just because you procrastinate doesn’t mean you’re ruined — we all procrastinate. But you should know that procrastination can be extremely harmful, and you should be cognizant of its impact on your own life.

Here’s a short list of the harms of procrastination:


  • reduces accomplishment.
  • creates habitual avoidance behaviors.
  • rewards impulsivity over responsibility.
  • increases negative self-perceptions and lowers self-esteem.
  • lowers performance, which lowers grades, which lowers opportunities.
  • creates habitual need to relieve the stress and anxiety of aversive (undesirable) tasks
    • thereby destroying one’s ability to face and tackle difficult, boring, or otherwise unwanted but necessary or important tasks.
    • thereby rewarding procrastination over accomplishment
    • and thereby reducing the higher rewards and self-esteem of accomplishment.
  • creates more stress than it relieves,
    • thereby lowering immune system thresholds
    • and subjecting the body to the harmful health effects of stress
  • destroys relationships, especially with those closest to oneself.
  • handicaps day to day functionality and executive functions.
  • increases likelihood of negative health behaviors, from dental care to eating disorders to addiction to overall health detriment.

And that’s the short list

Procrastination’s detrimental effects are tremendous. Its worst impact, from our perspective as advocates for students, is lost opportunity and dreams.

The A+ Club is dedicated to helping students overcome procrastination. We believe that every negative academic outcome is a lost opportunity, and that every positive academic outcome is a new world opened up. Procrastination gets in the way of opportunity, and we want to defeat it.

Please let us know if you need help overcoming procrastination. We’re here for you.

– Michael