Procrastination Primer Part 1: procrastination awareness – what is it & how does it operate? (podcast no. 23)

Stop Procrastination Now!The Procrastination Primer Podcast


Part 1/2: What is procrastination?  Why does it happen? How does it work?

So what’s the harm in a little delay?

Student Success Podcast No. 23, Feb 27, 2015

Click here for PowerPoint presentation of Pt 1 & 2 (not narrated).
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Click here for Procrastination Primer Pt 2 (Podcast no. 24)

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Host: Michael L. Bromley
Original Music by Christopher Bromley (copyright 2011-2015) Background snoring by Stella.
Best Dogs Ever: by Puck, Stella, & Artemis

Dogs don’t procrastinate! For them, it’s mood repair all day long!

Puck, Stella, and Artemis, engaging in serious mood repair. Stella is snoring away!






Here for Puck & Stella slideshow