SAT Test Essay strategies & approaches: rhetorical analysis, logic & how to write a great essay!

Michael reviews the SAT Essay section, instructions & requirements, approaches and strategies, how it is scored and general strategies & approaches for rhetorical analysis.


Please note that the College Board has canceled the SAT essay. The strategies outlined here for answering a test prompt are yet useful, so I encourage you to review the video and apply it to your other writing scenarios

In the first of three videos, Michael reviews the SAT Essay rhetorical analysis and how to approach the text and identify rhetorical and persuasive techniques. This video reviews general strategies and approaches and applies them to Essay Practice Test 1:

In video part 2, Michael reviews logical fallacies and applies them to a negative reading of Essay Practice Test 10’s persuasiveness:

See here for Michael’s essay response taking a negative, critical view of Practice Test 10’s passage: Michael’s response to Practice Test 10 Essay

Part 3/3, Michael reviews sample student essay responses from the College Board and how they are scored:



Notes: & Big Ideas

  • Identify the scoring rubric:
    • reading comprehension 
    • rhetorical analysis
    • grammar, language and usage
  • Be fluid 
  • Show what you know
  • Edit your essay for grammatical mistakes

Hope this helps!

– Michael