Teacher advice: asking the question with Mike Cahir

questions_webTeacher advice: asking the question with Mike Cahir

Show Notes

Student Success Podcast No. 4, Oct 16, 2013

Today’s Guest:  Mike Cahir

Mike Cahir shares with us the teacher perspective on how students can perform better at school by identifying and asking questions about assignments and class work. Mike highlights the crucial positive feedback-loop that a simple question can generate, helping the student identify areas for improvement and the teacher to know what should be focused on in class.

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Guest Biography:

Mike Cahir is an award-winning teacher of English and Department Chair at Archbishop Carroll High School in NE, Washington, DC. Mike has taught at the middle and high school level. He is expert in and dedicated to engaging students in reading and engaging text.

Topics Discussed

  • Formulating questions!
  • Best laid plans: time to reevaluate what you’re doing
  • learned failure: failure becomes its own excuse
  • Breaking the failure loop:
    • not a personal failure!
    • learning is making mistakes
  • Reaching out for help
  • Ask when you don’t understand!
  • Questions to learn what you need to know but also to clarify what you don’t know
  • Questions are feedback to teachers and then back to students
  • Advice to teachers: assume nothing teacher everything
  • Prior Knowledge and distinguishing between things: brain wiring
  • Applying information: negotiating
  • Have to go see your teacher to get your teacher’s attention!
  • Handing in crap
  • Developing the positive feedback loop

Additional Resources and Links

Mike suggests our listeners check out Origins Online for more on Developmental Design, Responsive Classroom, and Social/Emotional and Academic Learning.


Host: Michael L. Bromley
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