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Excuses, excuses, excuses: how students can get around their own barriers

What’s your excuse? I mean, everyone has one, don’t they?

Interviewing students for our A+ Club student support service, we’ve heard some really good ones:

“I loaned my book and he never gave it back.”

“My computer doesn’t work.”

“I lost my calculator.”

And the ever popular…

“I hate that teacher.”

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Encouragement from Mischa Beckett: empowering yourself & your college experience

Encouragement from Mischa Beckett: empowering yourself & your college experience

Student Success Podcast No. 19, Apr. 17, 2014

Today’s Guest: Mischa Beckett, Ph.D. Political Science and college lecturer.

In this interview, Mischa discusses her work with high school students in the A+ Club program. Mischa brings the view of a college teacher to the high school experience and discusses how all students of all levels and struggles can use encouragement and help in raising their self-awareness. Continue reading

A little background & who we are

Bromley and students
Bromley and students

A little background & who we are

Show Notes

Student Success Podcast No. 2, Oct 3, 2013

Today’s Guest: Michael Bromley, founder of School4Schools.com & The A+ Club

Bromley discusses the background and origins of our and philosophy and student support service.

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Guest Biography:

Before leaving the classroom in order to work directly with students, parents, and teachers, Michael Bromley taught Social Studies at Archbishop Carroll High School in NE Washington, DC for eight incredibly inspiring and happy years. Prior to that, Bromley built a successful export and distribution company based in Miami, FL, Asuncion, Paraguay, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the author of two books, Stretching It: The Story of the Limousine and William Howard Taft: The First Motoring Presidency, 1909-1913, and many magazine articles on automotive and political history. Bromley loves history, cars, kids, and learning.

Topics Discussed

  • Bromley background
  • Discovering the student perspective
  • Students as clients
    • whole new perspective
    • now providing customer service is the priority
  • Syllabus as Contract
  • The Original A+ Club
    • starting in a World History classroom
    • student articulation is the key!

Additional Resources and Links

See Bromley’s guest entries on Rick Hess’ “Straight Talk” blog on edweek.com Aug2013 for ideas on approaching students as clients and focused PD for student benefit.


Host: Michael L. Bromley
Original Music by Christopher Bromley (copyright 2011, 2013)
Best Dogs Ever: by Puck & Stella

Puck& Stella Selfie
Puck& Stella Selfie

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