The Nature of Procrastination & Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

tomorrow_localvoxEveryone procrastinates, but there is a distinct lack of understanding

… when the procrastinator is a struggling high school student. Maybe it is a generational stereotype, but there is very little sympathy towards students who are unable to manage their time properly. When kids struggle in school, they are often accused of procrastination. The fact is, procrastination is a prevalent symptom of human nature.

The A+ Club from School4Schools.comn LLC is an online tutoring and academic support and remedial tool for education that recognizes the damage of such categorizations. Our professional and experienced educators do more than help with individual assignments, they also teach young students how to advocate for themselves and use the system that labels them “procrastinators” to their advantage.

There’s a lot of fear and self-doubt surrounding the notion of procrastination.

For students without a natural aptitude for executive function (a skill set developed in The A+ Club), the pull of procrastination is even greater. Most people have a tendency to put off and push back the things they are unclear about, which is an entirely rational behavior. There’s no logical reason to bring guilt into the equation, which is frequently internalized by struggling young students. School4Schools teaches our students to recognize that while they may not fully overcome the temptation to procrastinate (few of us ever do), with personal tutoring in their weaker subjects and overall guidance for proper process implementation it is possible to succeed.

It is necessary to change the conversation when it comes to procrastination in high school students. The A+ Club from LLC is a team of online tutors with the expertise and understanding to improve your child’s executive function skills. If they can succeed in removing the fear from tackling difficult subjects, students can obtain a heightened awareness about what it takes to use the educational system to their advantage and to set out on the path to achieve their goals. To get your student started, call at (703) 271-5334.