Three Simple Ways to Make Memorization Easier from The A+ Club

While it is best to retain information through a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter at hand,

sometimes that’s asking too much.

Particularly for young students who cannot yet choose their field of study, passing a test might call for some rigorous and effective memorization. The A+ Club from LLC helps students learn the executive function skills many lack through our online tutoring and mentoring programs in a variety of subjects. Expert educators also offer advice and strategies, such as the following memorization tips, to help students help themselves.

Check out some of The A+ Club’s tips for retaining information:

Small Bites

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Involve The Five Senses

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Make Associations

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These simple, easy to implement memorization tips can help you improve your grades, particularly when you’re being tested on information that is difficult to contextualize. Vocabulary, math, and science are often more difficult than English or History which can be placed on a timeline or within your broader knowledge more easily. As a general rule, when studying for your more challenging subjects, try making the information look as much like the material for your more manageable subjects as possible.

The A+ Club from LLC has an excellent online tool called HomeworkTracker for planning and tracking your studies. Online tutoring and using the HomeworkTracker encourages students to reflect on their responsibilities, needs, and goals for greater self-advocacy and overall success.