Why homework matters: top five (5) reasons you probably should do your homework

Sorry, but homework really does matter.

Annoying, yes. Boring, usually. Important for your academic success? Very much so.

See below for some important reasons why you probably should be doing your homework.

1. Grades

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2. Having done your homework makes the next class time more meaningful, more understandable and less boring

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3. Doing homework leads to more overall learning

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4. Homework tells you what your teacher wants you to learn and / or do, especially on tests

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5. Doing your homework helps you getting through bad classes and teachers

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  • Doing your homework = better grades
  • Doing your homework = class is more relevant
  • Doing your homework = you learn
  • Doing your homework = breaking procrastination cycles

If you want to improve your grades, try on some homework! Just get started and it won’t be so bad.

Look, I know it sucks to have to do stupid things you don’t want to do. I get it. But look at your grades. If they’re not where they could be, then let’s talk about doing some more homework.

Let me know if I can help.

– Michael