Ain’t June Grand? Congratulations to our graduating seniors & their parents

Wishing our graduating seniors a huge, smiley-emojis full 🙂 congratulations! And also for parents, as this has been your journey, too.All the teachers, tutors, “Student Supporters” and staff at the A+ Club are so proud of you!We’ve watched you grow, watched you challenge yourself, watched you test the limits, good and bad, scare your parents, scare yourself – scare us!And you have amazed us all with your unique brilliance and total dedication to walking that graduation stage. Our graduation wish for you is nothing but more of the same we’ve spoken about during your time with us:whatever it is, make it importantget beyond workflow by turning it into goal settingidentify teacher expectationsbe in control, be aware, and own it!We love you, and we congratulate you on your graduation and all your success beyond!