University Student Tutoring Team

Our college student team includes:

  • Camille, Chemical Engineering major, senior

  • Vernon, Electrical Engineering major, senior

  • Sade, Journalism major, senior

  • Amanda, Biology major, senior

  • Quamiir, Computer Science major, junior

  • Rachel, Business Administration major, senior

  • Jennifer, Business Information Systems major, junior

  • Dillon, Biology major, junior

  • Aura, Nursing major & native-Spanish speaker, junior

  • Chris, Journalism major, experienced camp counselor and student mentor, sophomore

  • Gami-Lou, major t.b.a., native-French speaker, freshman

  • LaTonya, B.S. Chemical Engineering, candidate for M.S. in engineering


This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. However, this list faithfully represents the caliber and subject area expertise of our team of college student tutors.

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