The life of a high schooler and her mom

Meet a typical high school teen and her parent who love each other very much and usually have fun together.

But sometimes school gets in the way.

Episode 1: A Student & Her Mom Don’t Always See Eye to Eye About School

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Raising a middle or high school teen isn't always easy

Brenda & Her Mom Don't See Eye-to-Eye About School

Students can learn to apply successful academic strategies

We support student executive function, tutoring help, and empower parental oversight

A+ Club academic coaching, mentoring & tutoring supports academic success

Episode 2: Quadratic Formulas & Other Math & Grades Trouble

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Does this situation seem familiar to you?

Mom: "Have you done your homework?" Student: "Whatever..."

Guess what happens to her grades with "whatever"?

Maybe she doesn't really know how to do her homework & studies?

The A+ Club's expert & caring teachers & tutors...

... are here to help!

We can help make this scenario more familiar...

Academic coaching, tutoring & mentoring really works!


Our Student & Her Mom bring us real life scenarios and challenges that middle & high school teens and their parents face in navigating school and academics.

  • We all want our children to meet their fullest potential.
  • Sometimes a little help can make all the difference!
  • The A+ Club engages students in an ongoing process of academic self-betterment.
  • Academic coaching & mentoring with real, experienced classroom teachers
  • Direct tutoring in all subjects
  • Students learn organization, time management, prioritization, and self-reliance at school.

What real-life scenarios do you face as a parent or middle and high school student?

We'd love to hear from you!

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