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Do I really know where my student stands academically?

Academic Need Survey
When students struggle with one class, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's just that subject that's the problem.

A low grade in one class is frequently not an indicator of content knowledge but of a process or academic engagement that that particular teacher or class is requiring over other classes.

In other words, the bad grade isn't just because of that one subject or skill set.

For example,

  • Math is as much about consistent practice and learning how to engage teacher feedback as it is about the math itself.
  • English is as much about identifying teacher expectations as it is about reading and writing skills.

At the A+ Club, we work with students to identify what's really going on with a student's academic outcomes and what skills, processes and problem solving techniques could really help.

We start with the Academic Needs Survey to help parents and kids start thinking about school and academics holistically.

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The Academic Needs Survey

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