Piecing Together Academic Success: Study skills are essential for student improvement

When tutoring isn't enough: academic coaching for all-round improvement

Many parents of teens who are underperforming in school look to find a tutor for homework help or figuring out math and other subjects. While a tutor can help organize a class or learn certain information and skills, at the A+ Club we don't rely on tutoring alone.

In addition to online tutoring, we use academic coaches and mentors who help students who want better grades and overall academic improvement by addressing their fundamental academic skills and concerns. Our academic coaches and mentors are experienced teachers who help students identify what it really takes for academic success. These include:

1. how to identify teacher expectations

2. how take full advantage of resources such as textbooks, study guides, and essay or homework assignment rubrics, and

3. how to develop effective organizational and time management skills.

Lasting student improvement comes from our all-round approach, not just from hourly tutoring fees spent on one subject.

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