We are procrastination specialists: learn how to beat deferral and delay

Procrastination destroys

It destroys grades, it destroys relationships, it destroys futures.
It destroys lives.

We are fighting back.

Our Goal

By defeating procrastination one student at a time, we will improve education and learning for all students, teachers, and schools.

Join us to Stop Procrastination Now!

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Our plan:

  • See our Student Success Podcast & Blog Procrastination Pages for how to raise awareness and find solutions to procrastination.

  • In the A+ Club, we  work with our students on a regular basis to overcome their procrastination and to better their academics and grades.

  • Request a Procrastination Workshop. Great for schools, youth groups, or just for you and your family.

  • We want to hear from you on your experiences and ideas on how we can help defeat procrastination (please use the form below or click here to send email).

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