How to avoid “summer learning loss” with math tutoring & enrichment

School's out doesn't mean the learning should stop, too

Kids hate having to think about math during the summer.

School\'s out and they just want to relax, so getting them to work on their summer math packets can be like pulling teeth. At the A+ Club we understand this, but we also know that summer math tutoring & enrichment is essential to maintaining skills and concepts.

An entire school year of learning new concepts followed by three math-free months is like taking two steps forward and one step back. In fact, research shows summer \"learning loss\" in mathematics is equivalent to 2.6 months of school year learning (see \"Summer Learning Loss\" Wikipedia).

Our summer math tutoring program will keep the math fresh and ready your child for the upcoming school year. We focus on skills that may need reinforcement from the previous year and prepare students for the coming year with new concepts and practice so that when September comes around, the student is better prepared to learn.

Our online math tutoring program is convenient and effective. No travel involved and we work around your schedule.

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