The A+ Club Advantage: academic coaching, tutoring & mentoring

Here's how it works:


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The A+ Club brings a holistic approach to student support

We build the skills needed for academic success, including:

  • goal setting
  • executive function
  • time management
  • study skills

All this while still offering direct online tutoring in all subjects, including math tutoring, science tutoring, reading & writing tutoring and essay review.

That's Academic Support done right: the A+ Club Advantage!

Study Skills, Time Management & Executive Function

Tutoring is great, but we want our students to learn how to learn on their own.

That is why our experienced classroom instructors, whom we call "Student Supporters" engage our students in fundamental skills development such as goal setting, time and calendar management and other executive function skills.

All of our student interactions are shared with parents so that our parents can follow student progress and provide positive support for their child's academic efforts.

Additionally, we report assignments, due dates, grades and missing work lists to students and parents, so that student standing is understood the same for everyone.


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