Tutoring as a trap? We want kids NOT to need tutoring!

Is tutoring as a business or a service?

tutoring as a trapAt the A+ Club, direct tutoring is not about generating steady revenue.

We put student needs above our own, which means we want kids to not need us anymore! That means we’ve done our job and they’ve gotten the help they need.

For most tutoring services, their revenue depends adding more and more student tutoring hours. Our business model works differently, so we don't depend on that revenue. In fact, that's why we can charge an incredibly low $135 per month for all the services we provide:

  • Daily assignment updates reported to students and parents
  • Weekly grades and missing work lists reported to students and parents
  • Weekly reflection calls with experienced educators for goal setting and problem solving.
  • On-demand tutoring in all subjects (especially math tutoring!)
  • On-demand essay review for grammatical correction and content improvement.

You see, tutoring is just a part of what we do, so we don't depend on it for our business. We'd rather kids learn from their teachers and on their own than from our -- excellent and enthusiastic -- tutors.

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