A+ Club Academic Tutoring Program

We tutor in all subjects.
We match student need to tutor expertise.

 Most importantly, we employ the same philosophy of articulation and accountability of our monthly student support service in our direct tutoring programs.

Our goal is student improvement and academic ownership, so the reflective process we employ is integral to student growth.

Training Wheels

A tutoring program is successful when students are able to move on their own.

Tutoring should be training wheels for your student, not a revenue trap for the tutor.

Designed and run by experienced teachers, our program addresses fundamental academic processes and not just their outcomes in grades or particular subjects.

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Subjects & Prices

We tutor in all subjects, including math, science, history, English, reading, writing, essays & projects, and SAT, ACT, HSPT, AP & IB test prep.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most practical tutoring and academic support. Our tutoring prices depend on the education level and classroom experience of our tutors.

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A+ Tutoring

math tutoring science tutoring essay tutoring

One-on-one, direct tutoring for content and skills enhancement.

Before our tutors get to work, the A+ Club engages students and parents in a free, no-obligations interview to assess student standing, goals, and needs.

These conversations help identify what's really going on, and we assign tutors accordingly.

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Academic tutors

Our tutors are real classroom teachers and university scholars who only tutor in their areas of expertise and study.

When we say our tutors are "real teachers" -- they are. They are experienced classroom teachers. When we say our university student tutors are "scholars" -- they are.

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