What’s so special about our tutoring program?

Yes, we are good at tutoring & homework help!

Our tutoring program follows the A+ Club belief in student articulation and accountability.

Our tutoring students get the same academic support and reflective process as our A+ Club members, including sessions notes, assignment tracking, and teacher feedback programs.

Each tutoring session begins with a reflection on student standing, deadlines, and goals. After each session, our tutors submit notes of what was accomplished and what needs to be done next, which we track for easy reference and cumulative review. Parents and teachers are encouraged to submit their own feedback there, as well.

Our tutors are dedicated, expert, and, above all, caring.

What our clients say

  • Your approach in handling teachers is so impressive! Thanks coach Michael !!!

    Parent of high school sophomore

  • The A+ club is a tremendous program to assist students in doing EXCELLENT work.  My daughter was struggling in getting assignments completed and was failing classes in her senior year.  I signed her up for the program and Mr. Bromley and the tutors started working with her.  They were very patient with her and never gave up on her.  They guided her, counseled her, reviewed essays, tutored in whatever subject she needed.  I am happy to report that she would be graduating on Thursday. This program is an excellent resource for all students. I would recommend it to all my friends because I have seen the awesome results with my daughter being part of the A+ club. Thank you to the A+ club!!  Keep up the excellent work!

    Parent of high school senior

  • You are making my job much better! Thanks 1000 times!

    Parent of high school Sophomore

  • My thanks for all your hard work, it’s really paying off!

    Parent of middle school student

  • [My daughter] ended the semester with a 3.85! Woohoo! Your service has been so incredibly valuable to us and I can’t stop singing your praises! Thx so much for all u & your team does day in and day out!

    Parent of high school junior

  • I just received a message from [my grandchild’s] IB math teacher…  and her excitement in the results of [his] test. You and your staff can  certainly take pride in these end results.

    Parent of 12th grader, IB graduate

  • Thank you ALL for the time, encouragement and support you gave to [my daughter].  I appreciate everything you have done on her behalf.

    Parent of middle school student

  • We couldn’t have done it without you. I can look at the grades and see exactly before and after he started working with you.

    Parent of Graduating High School Senior

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