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Any and all practice for SAT / ACT tests is a good thing. There are plenty of programs out there, and we don't deny them utility or effectiveness. In many of those programs, students take practice tests and learn testing techniques in a classroom with other students. Other programs offer intensive training with one-on-one instruction.

Our program is different. For our SAT / ACT prep, we expect students to practice on their own. We guide them on improvement based on their own results, but they must do the heavy lifting not us. Student job is to practice. Our job is to guide that practice with effective feedback and instruction for continual improvement.

What leads to test improvement?

We have spoken extensively with Math and English experts with the core question as to "how, really, can a student can improve SAT scores?"

Practice and correct test strategies are just a start. What we have learned is that the only thing a student can really control while actually taking the test is how that student approaches each question.

Our goal is that students understand questions as thoroughly as possible before either attempting to answer or evaluating whether to come back to it later and move on. When students work with our tutors, they will work specifically on "attacking questions," which entails reading them with thought and for information. In both math and verbal sections thoughtfully reading questions is essential and is a skill that can be developed.

SAT /ACT Tutoring Program

  • Weekly or biweekly schedule for video-conference work with tutor
  • Students will set goals and review steps for SAT improvement
  • Students will practice independently and bring results to each session to review with our tutors
  • Students will work with tutors on questions for full "question attack" skills and strategy development
  • Students and tutor will reflect on each session in writing, which will be loaded onto the HomeworkTracker system for review
  • Tutors will identify specific student needs and areas for improvement at each session.

SAT / ACT Tutoring Plans

  • Plan 1: High-level college student tutor : $40
  • Plan 2:Experienced high-school teacher: $65/hr.
  • Students will purchase online practice program (we can arrange and bill), approx. $70 for SAT and $40 for ACT.  Or, students may use print editions, which are available from $10 upward on Amazon

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