Learning to learn & other great advice from two high school graduates


class-of-2012Learning to learn & other great advice from two high school graduates

Show Notes

Student Success Podcast No. 3, Oct 9, 2013

Today’s Guests:  Diamond Williams and Vanai Latham

Diamond and Vanai offer on-point advice to high school students, parents, and teachers.

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Guest Biographies:

Diamond and Vanai graduated from Archbishop Carroll High School in June, 2012. Diamond is pursuing a degree in Communications from Trinity College, Washington, DC, and Vanai practices hair dressing in New York City and will pursue a business degree with hopes to open her own salon.

Vanai Latham, 2013
Vanai Latham, 2013
Diamond Williams, 2013

Diamond is running for Miss District of Columbia USA 2014, please like her FB page and spread the word!

Topics Discussed

  • looking back on high school
  • learning to learn: and never being taught how!
  • self-proclaimed adults in high school — not really, but they think s0!
  • what’s really needed: after school & weekend help and one-on-one attention
  • advice to teachers: pacing & slowing down, knowing your stuff
  • why reading is important
  • advice to students

Additional Resources and Links

NY State hair styling certificate requirements

Trinity University, Washington, DC, Communications Department

Let us know your questions and comments for Diamond and Vanai!


Host: Michael L. Bromley
Photos by Diamond Williams and Vanai Latham
Original Music by Christopher Bromley (copyright 2011, 2013)
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