Communicating dedication & success with Julian Oribe


presentation_conference_msclipartCommunicating dedication & success with Julian

Student Success Podcast No. 10, Dec. 12, 2013

Today’s Guest: Julian Oribe

Julian discusses his experiences in college in America from the perspective of a foreign, non-native English speaking student. It took dedication and courage to overcome his language barriers and, especially, as Julian discusses, to write 15-page essays and public speeches and presentations. Julian helps remind us about not taking anything for granted and the importance of dedication to one’s goals and never letting barriers or excuses get in our way.

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Guest Biography

WP_20131126_001Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julian Oribe is head pro at the tennis club and Canas Tennis program at Turnbrry Isle resort in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Manhattanville College with a degree in finance. While he got into college on his tennis talents and on a tennis scholarship, Julian’s success came of dedication and overcoming the language barriers. Taking a year off before going to college, he taught himself English and prepared himself for college.

Topics Discussed

  • Came to US w/ very little English
  • Got into Manhattanville college based on his brother’s contact
    • BUT he went to the coaches himself and got himself recruited and a scholarship
    • Bromley note: ALWAYS WORK YOU CONTACTS!!
  • his Argentine high school school
    • was career-oriented, could choose businses management or journalism
    • a unique program
    • he carried h.s. (high school) exposure into college and his job now
  • in Argentina, students choose career path right out of h.s., such as law , medicine
    • Julian prefers the U.S. system of bachelors degree
    • prepares more for the future, more work skills, more hands on for work .. it’s more than a lab
  • How did he compare to U.S. students
    • they knew what they needed to do
    • he was the one who didn’t know
    • BUT he was more prepared than his classmates, however
      • had more life experiences … had to prepare himself, make more deliberate choices
      • was more mature
        • benefit of year in between h.s. and college?
        • he took year off too to master english and take TOFL exams
  • Benefits of college location
    • urban, rural.. opportunities
    • geographic choice as well as the school itself
    • he chose NY over Miami
    • would be a different person … different experiences, different outcomes
  • Sophomore year: start making your long term choices
  • Freshman year = getting started, experiencing
  • How prepared was he?
    • English grammar was his biggest problem … essays, compositions
    • was never exposed to doing long essays in Argentina
    • there they want more straight content knowledge as opposed to student interpretation
    • at US college he learned to write essays .. very helpful
    • was prepared for college math: took calculus
    • but would be okay to catch up on it in college in pre-math classes
    • Bromley: colleges have to do remedial math
    • was not prepared for oral presentations … never had that in high school
      • uses this skill now all the time in his work
    • had never done an oral presentation back home, maybe once or twice max
    • in college, every class had to make a presentation
  • Communication: prepares for any job
    • professor brought in professionals as guests to show importance of communication
    • 8 second rule (or 3 second rule with girls!)
    • it all comes down to ability to communicate one thing to one person
    • talking, emails, letters, all kinds of communication
    • even researches will have to present their research
    • presenting: it’s a fear that everyone has but everyone has to get over it



Host: Michael L. Bromley
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