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We help students set goals, track work… and get it done.

For only $135 per month.

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* Sources on “Why your GPA matters” and “The Cost of College”: “Is it Still Worth Going to College? (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), “The Average Cost of a U.S. College Education” (US News & World Report); “NCAA Eligibility Tool” (NCAA Eligibility Center); see also: “The Monetary Value of a College Education” (Pew Research) and “Fast Facts” (National Center for Educational Statistics).


Our program works:

94% of monthly clients stay with us month to month. All of our students raise their academic awareness.
And our parents love getting the daily help we provide.

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Solutions for you:

Our services fit your needs: hourly tutoring with expert tutors or
monthly support with powerful tools, daily support, and a low monthly fee. Call (703) 271-5334.

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A note about “learning centers”:

Their prices have to cover rent, managers & clerks. Our fees go to real teachers who work directly with students from their homes to yours.

And unlike traditional tutoring , our team is at work for our students daily.

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A note about “online” tutoring”:

We go with what works best — and what delivers the most value.
We use the latest web and communications technologies — and so do your kids.

A+ Club tutoring: we match student need to tutor expertise.

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So, why us?

Because we change lives.
And not just by helping out with higher grades.

Our TESTIMONIALS show it: we succeed when our students gain confidence, self-advocate, and develop enthusiasm for learning and pride in their own academic outcomes.

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Hourly Tutoring

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We Work Anywhere

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A+ Club student support service for homework help,
tutoring, academic coaching, and better grades!

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Here for a quick welcome note from Michael, founder of The A+ Club from LLC:

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