Testimonials from Real Clients

See what our clients have to say about the A+ Club and how our academic coaching, mentoring & tutoring with students has changed their lives. Real testimonials from real parents and students.

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We’d have even more enthusiastic and positive feedback from our clients, but it’s hard to keep track of all the love we share with our clients. Suffice to say that the program works, and we love making our clients happy!

A+ Club Monthly Support program

  • The A+ Club is definitely worth spreading the word! It’s an amazing program.
    – parent of high school sophomore
  • [My 8th grader] once again loves learning and is confident. My heart sings.
    – a proud grandmother
  • Big day today. Thanks for your great support! Much appreciated.
    – high school senior on graduation day, June 2018
  • Thank you for everything!! I don’t know where we would be without you.
    – parent of college freshman
  • It was so distressing not to know what to do, but I feel like I have a plan now.
    – high school junior
  • You have no idea what a relief it is for us to have you working with [our son]. Thank you!
    – parent of 11th grader
  • Thank you for working with [our son]! You are making a big difference for him. 
    – parents of high school sophomore w/ ADHD
  • She feels confident when she talks to you. You’re a teacher and you know what other teachers do and you can help her explain it.
    – parent of 11th grader
  • noothertutoringprogramcantoucha+
    – parent of high school graduating senior
  • My grades have never been better!. You and [my tutor] …. helped me soooo much this year!
    – high school sophomore
  • [My daughter””] really enjoys talking to [her teacher]. We follow the notes, but she comes down smiling from her room after her calls. Those seem to help center her.
    – parent of high school freshman
  • She has requested to be removed from the [program]. You guys are a victim of your own success! … Tks for all your help – it’s been significant for our family.
    – parent of high school sophomore
  • We are happy with your service and the guidance / help she gets for her school work. Could not have found a better person than you 😊 She feels a lot more confident in Chem now. Plus her history and lit help you provide is also great.
    – parent of high school sophomore (we call this “A+ Club graduation” ! )
  • Thanks for generosity and dedication.
    – grandparent of high school senior on A+ Club needs -based scholarship discount
  • We couldn’t have done it without you. I can look at the grades and see exactly before and after he started working with you.
    – parent of graduating high school senior
  • … takes stress off our relationship w/ him, we can enjoy our relationship now!
    – parent of college student
  • Thank you ALL for the time, encouragement and support you gave to [my daughter]. I appreciate everything you have done on her behalf.
    – parent of middle school student
  • “”I appreciate everything you’ve done.””
    – 10th grader, “”graduate”” of the A+ Club (no longer needs us, yeah!)
  • Thanks!! We also enjoy and specially my kids also enjoy to work with the teachers and with you ( as you jump in and support them whenever they need help). Thanks again for all your support.
    – Father of 7th & 11th graders
  • [my daughter] ended the semester with a 3.85! Woohoo! Your service has been so incredibly valuable to us and I can’t stop singing your praises! Thx so much for all u & your team does day in and day out!
    – parent of high school junior
  • you are the ONLY reason she accomplished all she did … My immense gratitude just doesn’t feel enough.
    – parent of high school sophomore
  • Thanks! … first time I’ve gotten on the Honor Roll in high school thanks to your guidance and support!!
    – high school junior
  • I really should have started this last year!
    – high school senior
  • I tell him that all the time. But when you say it, he actually listens!
    – parent of high school junior
  • I have noticed an incredibly positive change in [my son] since he has been working with the A+ Club.
    – parent of high school junior
  • I could be your walking billboard, the change in him is absolutely fantastic!
    – parent of a high school junior
  • Thanks a bunch for your emails and texts to [my son]. They are helpful… and I like how you offer lots of encouragement.
    – parent of a high school freshman
  • A+ helped keep my son on track and he graduated with a strong B for his senior year. Thanks to the weekly chats and the homework tracker he also took advantage of a few tutoring sessions. Thanks from the grateful parent that had a partner, A+, that worked and lobbied for him.
    – parent of a high school senior
  • And sincerely, thank you for being so responsive and listening!! We realize you have other clients so hopefully once we get through these rough spots it will make for a smoother Q2 and ideally the rest of high school for both him and us !! 🙂
    – parent of incoming high school freshman
  • Thank you for your concern and your consistent support. I graduated from high school and will be attending [college] in the fall. Thank you for just always being there when I needed help as a teacher and beyond school … Thanks again for everything.
    – high school senior
  • Thank you for everything! You and your team have been awesome.
    – mother of high school junior
  • My thanks to you, Michelle, and Megan for all your hard work, it’s really paying off!
    – father of middle school student
  • Thanks again for all your help. I was at [my nephew’s] graduation last Saturday and I feel confident we wouldn’t have been there without the A+ club.
    – sponsor of high school senior
  • I really appreciate that my son can have a regular relationship with a teacher that he can trust and be open with. It gives him so much confidence.
    – parent of high school senior
  • It just helped me deal with my work, to know what my homework is, telling me about my homework so I won’t forget it for sure, I’d have [my homework] on the tip of my tongue, and I’m just not remembering it. And then you say, ‘you have this this and this,’ and that helps me alot!
    – high school sophomore
  • Hey you guys I just wanted to type this message… to say thank you for helping me throughout the school year in keeping my grades up to a satisfactory level and for recommending me to use your excellent service that could help any kid succeed through high school. Thank you for letting me participate in your weekly discussion about procrastination. Overall I wanted to say thank you for helping me make it through my senior year of high school.
    – high school senior
  • College was meant 4 me – u were right!!
    – college freshman, former A+ Club high school student
  • I am very grateful to you and all his teachers who have taken him under their wing. [He] has ben very lucky to be surrounded by wounderfull people like you.
    – parent of high school Junior
  • You are making my job much better! Thanks 1000 times.
    – parent of high school Sophomore
  • Articulation of what I need to do is key, and then organizing it on my calendar is a really great exercise. It really works.
    – college sophomore
  • Your program was very helpful and it boosted [my son’s] confidence and esteem until he learned to rely on himself to perform his work independently.
    – parent of high school senior
  • Thank you for taking all the time with [our adopted daughter] to improve her grades! She went from an F to a B! that is a success story you can use.
    – parent of high school junior
  • The A+ club is a tremendous program to assist students in doing EXCELLENT work. My daughter was struggling in getting assignments completed and was failing classes in her senior year. I signed her up for the program and Mr. Bromley and the tutors started working with her. They were very patient with her and never gave up on her. They guided her, counseled her, reviewed essays, tutored in whatever subject she needed. I am happy to report that she would be graduating on Thursday. This program is an excellent resource for all students.
    I would recommend it to all my friends because I have seen the awesome results with my daughter being part of the A+ club. Thank you to the A+ club!! Keep up the excellent work!
    – parent of high school senior
  • Thank you for everything. I think [my son] really benefited from your service and I know that he has enjoyed the interaction with you and your staff. We are so ready for graduation!
    – parent of high school senior
  • [I want] to recommend [this] program and people that make a huge difference in your kid’s life.
    – parent of high school senior/ college freshman
  • You and your staff are such a blessing! I’m glad [my son] feels empowered.
    – parent of high school junior
  • Your approach in handling teachers is so impressive! Thanks coach Michael !!!
    – parent of high school sophomore
  • Just wanted to thank you for keeping up the hope that he can do it! You come off on a positive note, and it motivates him instead of me yelling at him… You make it easy for him to succeed!
    – parent of high school senior
  • I just want 2 thank u 4 all ur assistance, guidance & kind words. Ur a remarkable & giving individual. My daughter & I r glad our paths crossed one another. We both gained insight & a new perspective on things. Ur [teacher] is a very loving & sweet natured person. All of ur kindness & humor will not b 4gotten but missed. If I know of any other students needing tutoring I will refer them 2 u. Thanks again!
    – parent of high school freshman
  • We want to thank you for all the great support that [my daughter] received this year. She achieved her goal of being accepted into [college] and was ultimately able to do that with [your] assistance and mentoring.
    – parent of high school senior
  • Thank you for always being such a blessing to me and [my daughter]. School4Schools is such a needed concept.
    – parent of high school senior
  • Having a support team has really helped [my son] stay on track by turning assignments in timely. It also encourages him to set goals so that he will achieve better grades. Mr. Bromley has been a great mentor and an excellent teacher. Thank you so much.
    – parent of high school senior
  • I just wanted to drop a line to you all to say THANKS so much for helping [our son]. Matt [his assigned teacher] has really helped him, and he’s so open and learning new things [now]. He really likes that Megan’s emails to him each day. So please let them know that they are greatly appreciated. We look forward to you guys continuing to assist [our son] with his needs.
    – parents of high school junior
  • Yes he is [staying on top of his English homework]. I’m super shocked and happy!
    – mother of 9th grader
  • I think your program is awesome and I am thankful for all the help you’ve provided to [my daughter]
    – mother of 10th grader
  • Found out today that [my son] passed all of his classes. So on to graduation on Saturday! Thanks to all of you for your help and support.
    – mother of high school 12th grader
  • I think that your services are really helping [my son]. I really appreciate your efforts.
    – mother of 9th grader
  • I’m referring a few moms from work to you – we were discussing some challenges that their kids were facing academically and I assured them that A+ was the place to go. I shared how you strive to ensure that [my daughter’s] experience is personalized to fit her needs and how accommodating you’ve always been. Just wanted to say – I appreciate your help!!!
    – mother of 9th grader
  • I really think all you and Katie [assigned teacher] are doing are helping.
    – mother of 9th grader
  • I can’t thank you enough again for all the support you have given [my son]. He is quite happy with his grades which makes me very glad too.
    – mother of college senior

A+ Club Tutoring & Test Prep

  • You guys are reaaally good!
    – high school student
  • I cannot thank  you enough for setting up the quick session on Tuesday … I am sorry about the short notice, but the tutor was excellent . [My daughter] simple loved her. You have a good team here.
    – Parent of high school sophomore
  • I really loved how you made [my son] think on his own ideas and put them together. We are so glad to find you. There is no way we could have done it without you
    – Parent of high school junior who was applying to a competitive STEM program
  • I learned so much from [my tutor] in the short time that he was my tutor, and my grades were the best they had been all year. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to work with him.
    – high school senior
  • I got a 95 on my first test!
    – college freshman (Organic Chemistry)
  • Knew how to reach my son. Helped him increase his SAT score by more than 100 points in just a few short sessions. Great program! My son got into his first choice school! Thank you for everything!
      – parent of high school senior
  • I will certainly refer to other parents your services!
    – parent of high school senior
  • Thank you so much for helping out [my daughter]. The tutoring has been excellent… definitely worked out very well. [She] reports that she has met her goals for the tutoring and now feels very confident.
    – parent of high school junior, Algebra 2/ Chemistry tutoring
  • My main man Michael! I actually enjoyed your program. I didn’t really want to do tutoring at first, but I found working with you and Camille really helpful and fun. You guys both taught me a lot of new ways to approach different problems I might encounter, and I could seriously hear your voices in my head while taking the test.
    – high school senior, SAT Prep student
  • I’m just glad you were able to discern how to best help him, and I’m glad he actually likes working with you. I think he was prepared to be inundated with snoozerific lectures about what he’s doing wrong! I think he was very much surprised himself. Thanks again so much!!
    – parent of 12th grader (SAT Prep)
  • Wanted to give you a readout of [my son’s] SAT scores. He made a pretty good improvement, in my opinion. He got a 1650. His best score was in critical reading! Not even kidding!!! … I think it’s a damn good improvement from the 1540 he got the last time. Thank you again for the help you provided. I think the critical reading… was his lowest score the last time, so that’s a dramatic improvement. He’s also improved his work habits quite a bit, and is doing very well in school.
    – same parent of 12th grader after SAT exam
  • She scored 2300 on the SAT! Thank you!
    – parent of high school junior (whose child worked with both our high school teacher and college student tutors)
  • I felt more comfortable for this SAT. Thanks for helping me!
    – high school senior
  • Thank you so much for all of your help this year.  [My son] managed to squeak by in Spanish … Please let Jen know how much we appreciated her help.  He definitely could not have done it without her help.  Again, thank you so much for everything this year.  I think your program is a great tool for students who want to succeed.
    – parent of high school sophomore (whose child worked with one of our high school teachers)
  • Wow, that tutor really knows her stuff!
    – High school Junior, Precalculus
  • I  can’t tell you how thrilled our family was with the services and supports we received during the last school year. After only a short period of tutoring (via Skype!!!) there was a marked turn around in our son’s math performance. His final AND final grade jumped two marks. That’s right… Two grades!!!!  The coordinator was great completing an assessment of his levels of performance, reviewed plans from his teacher and identified someone suitable to his personality.  I never expected such progress within that window of time.
  • The price is more than reasonable based on what you receive… A continuous communication loop, top notch tutors, online reports, progress monitoring and current technology. … I forgot to mention group sessions online where you can get homework assistance on any subject matter. They also proof papers. One stop shopping in the comfort of your home. If you need a service and can carve out the resources for A+… Do it!  Will we use them again? Yes, yes and yes!
    – parent of high school junior (whose child worked with both our high school teacher and college student tutors)
  • Got a 99% on my last Calculus test!!””
    – high school senior
  • [My daughter] actually enjoyed her tutoring session… [the tutor] was able to explain things to her in a way that she could understand them.
    – parent of high school sophomore
  • I finished my paper last night and wanted to say thank you very much for your help and edits. Your advice challenged my paper and helped me strengthen my analysis and create a stronger essay overall. Also, thanks for helping me find a few more sources they were very helpful and contained information that was vital to my paper. Thank you once again!
    – high school sophomore (who is a monthly support client who used our essay review as part of our regular services)
  • Thank you for the analysis and guidance [on SAT & SAT Subject Tests]
    – parent of 11th grader