A+ Club Tutoring Programs

Online, direct tutoring engages students with expert guidance in all subjects with easy scheduling and affordable prices.

We tutor all subjects and academic levels, 4th grade through college. We also specialize in AP / IB and SAT / ACT test prep.

Tutoring topics & skills:

  • Math tutoring
    • Fundamental math, especially for students to develop “numbers literacy”
    • expert tutoring in all levels, from basic math through Calculus
    • math enrichment is important for students for
      • review of prior topics and skills
      • review of current topics and skills
      • anticipation of upcoming connections of current and past topics and skills
  • Language Arts tutoring
    • Reading comprehension, including
      • vocabulary
      • sentence construction
      • summarizing
      • identifying main points
    • Grammar
      • writing
      • standardized test prep
      • reading comprehension
      • logic and expression
    • Literature, including fiction, poetry
    • literary analysis
    • non-fiction, including argument, rhetorical techniques, arguments and logic
  • Science tutoring
    • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, on-level, honors and AP-levels
    • tutoring from experts in each subject
  • Social Studies tutoring
    • all subjects, U.S., History, World History, Government, Economics, Sociology, etc. with focus on skills, including:
      • map and geographic literacy
      • time lines, key events, dates, and historical actors
      • connections across time and space
  • Test prep tutoring
    • SAT, PSAT
    • AP and IB – all subjects
    • High school admissions tests
    • State testing

We also offer College Admissions tutoring and guidance. Please call Michael at (703) 271-5334

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Or call (703) 271-5334 for information about our tutoring programs.