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Academic Coaching, Tutoring & Mentoring

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The A+ Club Advantage

Holistic academic support

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A+ Club Client Testimonial: 12th grader & Mom

Academic Coaching

What is an academic coach?

Academic coaching focuses on overall academic improvement.

For example, expensive math tutoring can help -- in math. An A+ Club academic coach identifies the learning processes required for success in math -- and all classes -- and helps students improve holistically.

Yes, we offer math tutoring & tutoring in all subjects. but we want improvement in content and learning skills.

What does an academic coach do?

An A+ Club academic coach engages students in all-round improvement in these three primary ways:

1. Reflection, goal-setting & problem solving.
2. Student Executive Function, including organization, time management, calendar management, and reminder.
3. Study skills and techniques for general improvement and application in each subject and course, with content tutoring as needed.

Students say…





Challenges students face

  • Teachers are unclear or ineffective
  • Organization & assignment tracking
  • Parents bugging about homework
  • Things harder this year
  • Procrastination

Parents say…





Challenges parents face

  • Grade surprises
  • Student in denial or blaming others
  • No time to log in to school websites
  • Can't help with the math
  • Arguing over grades & homework

Meet A Typical Student & Her Mom

A Student & Her Mom don't always see eye-to-eye about school...

A Student & Her Mom Don't See Eye-to-Eye About School
They both wonder what she could do to be more successful in school
The A+ Club can help your get there, too!
No more arguments about homework and grades!

Did you know that


College graduates are twice as likely to experience job satisfaction if:

  • They had a mentor

Students who had mentors are 2.2x as likely to experience job satisfaction as those who did not

  • Their teachers cared about them

Students who felt their teachers cared about them are 1.9 times as likely to experience job satisfaction as those did not

Source: "Life in College Matters for Life After College," Gallup-Purdue Index,

Academic coaching & mentoring are the heart and soul of the A+ Club academic program!

Our Solutions

Coaching & Mentoring

Our experienced classroom teachers engage students in reflection, goal setting and problem solving.

Executive Function

Daily assignment updates and weekly grades & missing work lists for students and parents.

We support all learning styles & challenges, including Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD).

Academic Tutoring

On demand content tutoring from expert tutors in all subjects and essay feedback & review.

Affordable & Effective

Starting $135 per month, holistic academic support for students AND parents.

The A+ Club builds student engagement and empowers parental oversight.

Our services

A+ Club Academic Support Program

A holistic approach providing consistent, daily academic coaching and support to students at any performance level.

Starting $135 per month.
Effective AND affordable.

A+ Club Targeted Academic Tutoring

Direct, one-on-one tutoring in any subject, such as math, science, reading, essay writing, or SAT, ACT, and other standardized test prep.

A+ Club tutoring is provided by professional educators and experienced tutors.

Parent Support

We know what it’s like to parent a teen, and that’s why the A+ Club is designed as a resource for students AND parents. We don’t replace parental oversight — we empower it.

Learn how the A+ Club will make your life as a parent so much easier.

Academic Coaching & Mentoring
Students who engage in positive, regular mentoring perform better in school and in the workplace.
Due Dates and Calendar & Time Management
Academic improvement starts with awareness and reminder. We help students visualize and articulate their academic responsibilities.
Goal Setting & Task Management
Students who set goals and manage agenda and task lists develop academic ownership
Student Reflection & Goal Setting
When students say it they are more likely to do it: articulation and goal setting are key to academic success!
Daily Assignments & Homework Updates
We scaffold executive function and academic awareness with daily assignment updates. Students & parents alike love these updates!
Weekly Grades & Missing Work Updates
Academic awareness means knowing current grades -- and treating it as information now judgement.
Procrastination v. Prioritization
Delay that causes harm is procrastination. We help students prioritize rather than procrastinate.
On-demand tutoring in all subjects
Our expert tutors help students in all subjects: on-demand math tutoring, science tutoring ... you say it, we're here to help!
Essay & Projects Review
We help students draft, edit and improve essays and projects.
Client Retention
We are very proud that we have over 95% monthly client retention, which means that our clients stay with us month to month. They stay with us because we provide useful tools for ongoing academic success and parental oversight.
Clients served by the A+ Club
We have worked with over 300 students from more than 20 states. The A+ Club is growing and ready to help you!
How do I get this started?
It's easy, and everything we do is easy for you. All we need is a brief consultation with you and your child to review your child's academic situation, needs, and goals. From there we will arrange everything to start providing the help your child needs to reach fullest academic potential!

What our clients have to say

  • Your approach in handling teachers is so impressive! Thanks coach Michael !!!

    Parent of high school sophomore

  • The A+ club is a tremendous program to assist students in doing EXCELLENT work.  My daughter was struggling in getting assignments completed and was failing classes in her senior year.  I signed her up for the program and Mr. Bromley and the tutors started working with her.  They were very patient with her and never gave up on her.  They guided her, counseled her, reviewed essays, tutored in whatever subject she needed.  I am happy to report that she would be graduating on Thursday. This program is an excellent resource for all students. I would recommend it to all my friends because I have seen the awesome results with my daughter being part of the A+ club. Thank you to the A+ club!!  Keep up the excellent work!

    Parent of high school senior

  • You are making my job much better! Thanks 1000 times!

    Parent of high school Sophomore

  • My thanks for all your hard work, it’s really paying off!

    Parent of middle school student

  • [My daughter] ended the semester with a 3.85! Woohoo! Your service has been so incredibly valuable to us and I can’t stop singing your praises! Thx so much for all u & your team does day in and day out!

    Parent of high school junior

  • I just received a message from [my grandchild’s] IB math teacher…  and her excitement in the results of [his] test. You and your staff can  certainly take pride in these end results.

    Parent of 12th grader, IB graduate

  • Thank you ALL for the time, encouragement and support you gave to [my daughter].  I appreciate everything you have done on her behalf.

    Parent of middle school student

  • We couldn’t have done it without you. I can look at the grades and see exactly before and after he started working with you.

    Parent of Graduating High School Senior

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Welcome to the A+ Club

At the A+ Club, we offer academic coaching, academic mentoring, targeted online tutoring, and time management resources and solutions to support middle, high school and college level students at any performance level.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the A+ Club is swiftly becoming the nation’s leading online tutoring network with proven formulas for academic success.

According to the Life in College Matters for Life after College study from the Gallup-Purdue Index, college graduates are 2.2x as likely to experience job satisfaction if they had a mentor than those who did not.  The study also found that students who felt that their teachers cared about them are 1.9x as likely to experience job satisfaction than those who did not feel that their teachers cared about them.

That’s why at the A+ Club, we provide real results through our tutoring services, algebra homework help and SAT prep tutoring with a consistent and daily academic coach and mentor for all subjects.

Why Choose the A+ Club

We believe that our academic support and tutoring programs are a powerful way to build confidence and encourage academic awareness and ownership.

With three Club programs to choose from, it’s easy to find the right tutoring services for your student that is accessible and affordable.  We know what it’s like to parent a teen; and that’s why the A+ Club is designed as a resource for students and parents. We don’t replace parental oversight for your student’s academic responsibilities—we empower it.

The Key to Academic Success Starts Here

Call us today to find out how we can help your student with our after school tutoring, math tutorials and tutoring services.  And please ask about our holistic academic coaching and mentoring program that provides parents of teens with real help that empowers parental oversight of your child\'s academics.

We’ll help your child reach their fullest academic potential with progress you can see within the first few weeks of the A+ Club.  You don’t have to do this alone.

The A+ Club is here to help.


~ Affordable & Effective Academic
Coaching, Tutoring & Mentoring ~
~ (703) 271-5334 ~