Targeted, Direct Tutoring Programs

A+ Club Direct Tutoring Program

math science essay tutoringOne-on-one, direct tutoring for content and skills enhancement.

Before our tutors work with students, our A+ Club team engages students and parents in a free, no-obligations interview to assess student standing, goals, and needs. These conversations help identify what's really going on, and we assign tutors based upon these interviews. Whereas learning centers will ask you to pay for an entrance or skills test, we'd rather hear from the student and parent and find out as to what's really going on.

And parents, too, should want to know what's really going on before engaging in paid tutoring.

For example, many parents come to us worried that "my child doesn't test well." We want to know what that really means. Testing problems can result from many things, but usually it's all about preparation. That's easy to say, but let's look at what it really means:

  • Does the teacher provide effective feedback for student correction and improvement?
  • Does the student understand and test expectations?
  • Is the student doing homework, and if so, is she or he doing that homework meaningfully, or "just getting it done"?
  • Does the student lack needed skills, and if is, what are the best ways to identify them?
  • Does the student genuinely "not test well"? And if so, is it due to time management, questions approach, or skills needs?


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